1. How do I identify the front from the back of my Strand Stand?

To identify the back of the Strand Stand turn the head so that the logo is facing you, and  look for the curve that is similar to the curvature of the back of a human skull. This is the back side of the head, and the front of your wig be positioned to face the other side.

2. Can I use pins on my Strand Stand?
No, you cannot insert pins into the Strand Stand.  Inserting pins in the stand will damage the product and cause it not to inflate.

3. Is Strand stand heat and water resistant?

The Strand Stand is not heat or water resistant. Heat should not be applied directly to the Strand Stand, but as close to the wefts as possible. Water will stain the Strand Stand, so best used in dry areas.

4. How do I clean my Strand Stand?
Spot clean the surface of the Strand Stand with a clean towel. Do not put the stand in the washing machine or dryer.

5. Can I return my order? 
Please see our our return policy.

6. Will my wig fit the Strand Stand? 
The Strand Stand is designed for a 22” circumference wig. With the use of a wig grip it maybe able to accommodate larger sizes.

7. Can you make wigs on the Strand Stand? 
We don’t recommend making wigs on the Strand Stand, but you can definitely use it for styling your wig.